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When my family owned plumbing business began indoor plumbing was not too different than it is today. Pipes were made of copper, fittings of metal and fixtures were generally porcelain. The water tended to be more corrosive and this led to ongoing leaks and maintenance. Today’s plumbing is primarily PVC and less prone to failure, however other issues such as blockages and upgrades using new options presented their share of challenges.

Heating systems are another story. Modern oil fired boilers are much more sophisticated and require careful tuning and upkeep.  An inefficient boiler can waste thousands of dollars a year. Newer boilers are very efficient but they are not always as well constructed as the cast iron, asbestos coated old ones.

As another winter approaches I remind all customers in the Medford area and surrounding communities, to check up on your  heating system to prepare for the upcoming season. If you are unsure as to the effectiveness of your heating system please give us a call. We always respond the same day to any plumbing and heating in the Medford, Everett and Melrose area.

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